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John Warnock

Director & Property Consultant

Director and Property Consultant. With over 10 years industry experience John is on a mission to reshape the real estate industry through customer experience and outcomes, while redefining the meaning of a Real Estate Agency. 


Jade Letheby

Property Consultant

Head of Customer Support,

Jade has over 10 years experience in management and customer service roles. Jade is instrumental in reshaping how we communicate with and service all of our clients. 



Experienced Property Consultant

Listed is on the hunt for an experienced Property Consultant. This is a flexible working arrangement with the remuneration and commission structure negotiable. A minimum of two years experience is preferred. Please email for more information.


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Adelaide Fibredry 

Executive Cleaning Solutions


Picture it Sold

Property Photography


Devine Lawns & Gardens 

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Stewart from Adelaide Fibredry is genuine, honest, great at what he does and has been a fantastic partner for Listed Real Estate. Stewart can clean stubborn stains and marks off of carpets, upholstery, leather, tiles & grout.

Total Capture Logo.jpg

Total Capture

Family Photography 

Stephanie captures all the important milestones and create legacy portraits that will be passed down for generations. Total Capture photographs every milestone to preserve history for you, from pregnancy, birth (both home or hospital), newborn to families of all ages and sizes.

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