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John Warnock

Director & Property Consultant

Director and Property Consultant. With over 7 years industry experience John is on a mission to reshape the real estate industry through customer experience and outcomes, while redefining the meaning of a Real Estate Agency. 


Jade Letheby

Property Consultant

Head of Customer Support,

Jade has over 10 years experience in management and customer service roles. Jade is instrumental in reshaping how we communicate with and service all of our clients. 



Experienced Property Manager

Listed is on the hunt for an experienced Property Manager. This is a flexible work from home role where you would be responsible for managing and growing a boutique rent roll. A minimum of two years experience is preferred. Work hours and salary negotiable. Please email for more information.


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Adelaide Fibredry 

Executive Cleaning Solutions


Picture it Sold

Property Photography


Devine Lawns & Gardens 

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Stewart from Adelaide Fibredry is genuine, honest, great at what he does and has been a fantastic partner for Listed Real Estate. Stewart can clean stubborn stains and marks off of carpets, upholstery, leather, tiles & grout.



Listed is a real estate and technology company on a mission.

Listed is a platform in the making which enables real estate transactions to be done in a way that adds incredible value to all parties and empowers them through every step of the process.

Listed has a vision to lead the industry into the next phase of how transactions are handled and to do this we have had to start from the beginning.

We have two main goals both of which will complement each other.


1. Redefine the meaning and the role of a Real Estate Agent (and agency)

2. Reshape the way in which transactions are handled by making the process more transparent and more liquid all while utilising technology. 

We hope you will join us on our journey while we solve some of the most complex issues in real estate along with launching incredibly valuable first to market new products.


For more information please email